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The Lego Batman Movie, 2017 – ★★★★

A satisfying spin-off to The Lego Movie for those who like Batman. Filled with many bat-shaped Easter eggs and nuggets for all things Batman. Though the rate they tell the jokes and meta-commentary is speedy and rather too distracting at times. It does not diminish the enjoyment of the first movie even if Lord and Miller were not the directors or that it does not have a deeper social commentary. Though I do believe that Chris McKay can handle the job primarily because of his work in Robot Chicken.

Pretty much a realignment to the ideal Batman that fans admire from the exaggerated Flanderization of the pop culture idea of Batman and because of that I do excuse the artistic license they did for the plot. In part because we know that this exists in the larger Lego Cinematic Universe where crossovers happen. However instead of heroes crossing over of sorts through a variation of the various Lego sets (well at least the Master Builders), we get the villains here though all they got were those who have attachments with the Warner Bros. catalog. (Such as Lord Voldemort, the not-specifically-named Godzilla character for they might not have some clearance with Toho, and King Kong.)

Also I thought that the backup that Batman will call was the Justice League but maybe WB is saving it for the upcoming movie this year. Turns out it was better to call for the numerous colorful rogues gallery ranging from the Riddler to the Condiment King. Not too dissimilar with what happened to Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders. So far the best Batman-related media this year, beating the animated Justice League Dark. The live action department of DC Films should take note of this and of course as always with Batman the Animated series and the DC Animated Universe.

This just officially propels Will Arnett as my fourth favorite theatrical Batman tied with Ben Affleck and third in terms of voice acting (whether theatrical, TV series, or OVA/direct-to-video movies) after Kevin Conroy and Diedrich Bader.

Vía Letterboxd – Conan Tan


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