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Of being halfway there and being seemingly stuck:

Midterms not yet done. The tail end of the cold front affected the schedule. To think that it was not a typhoon and it did much flooding and damage, that we seem not to learn our lesson with Sendong. As such, the coming week is a relatively chill weak.

It was the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States of America. Unfollowed the social media accounts of the administration. Followed the archived profiles and the citizens as well. Not a supporter of Trump clearly since I lean liberal. It looks like Americans will get a taste of how some of us feel under Duterte. Only the Americans can have Trump for possibly a shorter span of time granted he will not be able to serve a second term.

It was also the birth anniversary of my maternal grandfather. I did not get to see any movie today. My uncle posted a picture of him when he was younger. He was the only grandfather I have spent time with while I am existing. Similar to my paternal grandfather, I have not reached my maternal grandmother. But I think my sister did. I think the oldest person in the generational family tree I have witnessed though I was young, is one of my great grandmothers. The mother of my paternal grandmother. She is referred to as Lola Lols short for Lola Lola. My only living biological grandparent is called Grandmy. Though I still have a sort of step grandma with Lola Fely.

Was waiting half of the day for the haircut session to come. Did not get to see any movies. Not even after going home. Got to download the leaked screener of Silence though. It was my intention to choose to read it for Philosophy of Religion. First heard of it in Letterboxd and wondered about the Japanese symbol and that Martin Scorsese is attached. Gave my photocopied book to my older sister as she seemed intrigued by the response of Andrew Garfield in preparation for the role. This and Hacksaw Ridge shows the religious side of him somewhat.

As usual, we went to the anticipated mass and then ate outside. Had fun trying to find accessories for my changing lifestyle. I wish I had not spend that 2000 pesos too hastily. But they left me no other choice. I just wanted the streak to continue. How very selfish of me. Now I am trying to save so that I might buy another external hard drive. At around 1-2 terabytes. Because of that, I will not be able to renew my membership for the Letterboxd community of either the pro or patron.

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