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Entry 199.1

It has been a long time since I last updated this blog. It is already 98 days away from Christmas. I can’t believe
that there are only less than 18 weeks to go before the year is over yet again
as I reflect now on the past more or less 21 and a half years of existence. It
is the 19th of September 2015, a Saturday. Later today will be the
family day of my beloved sister Maria. I am free from planning to see six
movies per day for today as it was already covered up by the days past. I will
try my best to prevent seeing a movie for today. It is funny that the reverse
is true for most people where they spend their rest days watching movies and
catching up on television. I am almost done watching the DC Universe Animated
Original Movies. The ones I have not seen yet are the other Justice League
movies. I did the order just like how I viewed the DC Animated Universe though I
have finished the Justice League animated series first ahead of the BTAS, STAS,
Static Shock, Batman Beyond, and even The Zeta Project. I am currently waiting
for the download of Justice League: Throne of Atlantis to finish. DC wins in
the animation department against their Marvelous Competitor. The internet works
fine this day compared to yesterday’s wonky performance issues. Now I am going
to reverse transcribe what I have typewritten here for documentation and future
biographical purposes. Paraphrasing might happen.

              I have
forgotten to make monthly resolutions just as I said I would have last March or
was it February. I decide not to continue watching Arrow/The Flash episodes
after the 12th one but might consider seeing the micro-series Vixen.
The story and acting makes me want to avoid it. It feels so typical of the
material The CW would definitely release. It makes me feel that DC/Warner Bros.
made the right decision to separate the TV and movie universes as to
differentiate them from the Marvel approach. I will however continue watching
other series that I am caught up with.  I
hope that the fans will just enjoy whatever they can get from watching the two
series as there will be an expansion yet again with another spin-off Legends of
Tomorrow. 2016 is not that far ahead and probably be a better year for movies,
as I thought this year would have been considering it had two Pixar movies, an
Avengers sequel, a new Disney Star Wars  trilogy.
The surprise is how Universal won the first half of the year and will probably
win it if the Star Wars movie will fail. This year will also have the last
movie for the Hunger Games franchise and another James Bond movie.


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